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Cronus zen is a program that automatically aims in-game weapons.

Because it is not an explicit ‘aimbot’ or ‘wallcheat’, it can be more difficult to identify in enemy killcams. Furthermore, there are literally thousands of scripts players can download to their Cronus Zen, meaning there are incredible amounts of cheats players can exploit. This again makes identifying cheats more difficult.

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Loopers using the Zen in public lobbies isn’t a big deal, but pros who already have great aim can easily dominate their competitive games with it. With millions of dollars at stake, it is definitely unfair to other players who have put in more time and effort in improving their aim. Programming is straight forward, plug into right side of Zen and connect to pc and run the Zen programming software found on the website.You can select a Zen made script or one of the main fan based scripts. Loading each one into the 8 available slots. Then write them to the unit. If you get complete satisfaction of listening to kids/adults freak out because your AK shoots like a laser , this is for you . Just the agonizing sound of defeat in their voice is uplifting to me. If you get the same satisfaction that I get, this is for you. While I agree the Aim Assist is complete trash the perfect recoil is a huge advantage to you though. Once you’ve got whatever gun you’re using dialed in using the Warzone Pro pack you literally have zero recoil and can just laser people. Also the ability to have infinite tactical sprint is amazing for either getting yourself out of a situation or if you’re hunting someone down you catch up to them so much faster and can out run them.

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Next they are using the FAL semi-auto with rapidfire wiping teams in 1.2 seconds. No, the fire cap isn’t hard to hit, but part of hitting the cap is also controlling your aim in the process. They don’t have to do any of that. Just press trigger and shoot like a Grau. Sorry you’re getting downvoted. Recoil assistance is definitely something I noticed when playing PC games so I assumed it was them when seeing it in this with crossplay enabled. Much more noticeable since warzone has a higher ttk than other cod games. It makes perfect sense that these controllers are helping people. Tons of people on here have told me “bro there is no recoil in this game lol” when I mention things like people having 0 recoil from 200 meters away with an mp5. Now I get that they were cheating as well. That one guy from Australia everyone noticed was cheating is another one who was definitely using one of these and then claimed his controller broke when he made his lame video to “prove” he’s not cheating. The programmers used electrical frequency changes and even the conventional rumble function to make it possible for this modification that can compensate recoil. The timing of when these modifications are made is based on how long you hold down a button, or in some cases where they’re not needed so much- also determined by vibration from controllers. The device uses wired or wireless controller. So unfortunately I don’t think these are something IW has a shot at detecting. Consoles do have controller updates though, so the only way I can think of it being prevented is having required updates for competitive fps games? It’s a slippery slope since the huge updates these games have been accustomed to already infuriate casual gamers enough as it is. Hope it something they can figure out. I’d still rather deal with only recoil and aim assistance than wallcheats and aimbots like PC brings, but I’m really glad you brought this up and hope it gets more attention.

Cronus zen is a tool that can improve your gaming experience.

Cronus Zen is a breakthrough device founded on the rich legacy of the award-winning CronusMAX devices, universally recognized as the definitive controller adapter. Zen moves that legacy forward, giving the gamer the most powerful platform on the market, allowing advanced crossover platform gaming technology, unparalleled keyboard and mouse precision, combined with unsurpassed MOD scripting capability of combos and macros with the new Zen Studio software. The Cronus Zen controller adapter is a device that builds on the rich legacy of Cronus MAX devices. It is recognized as the definitive controller adapter. The Cronus Zen controller mod moves that legacy forward, giving gamers the most powerful platform on the market. This allows for unparalleled keyboard and mouse precision, combined with unsurpassed MOD scripting capability of combos and macros with the new Zen Studio software. Cronus Zen is the world’s best-selling video game controller convertor which supports almost all officially licensed controllers (including Mouse and Keyboard) to work with the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC, all with full access to our famous GPC Scripting Engine which allows you to run thousands of powerful MACROS and MODS. With Cronus Zen’s powerful GPC scripting engine, you can change how your controller behaves without any special chips or soldering. You can even use advanced 1:1 controller to mouse conversion to get the highest console speed and accuracy possible. With Zen Controller, you can play in controller lobbies undetected. To cut a long story short, using a Cronus Zen is cheating because it isn’t a default machine/feature/option. Instead, it is a third-party device that only a handful of players can own to get better. From its controversial script support to limited accessiblity, there are several parameters on which the Cronus Zen has been called out. Once connected to your controller or PC, players attach ‘scripts’ to their Cronus which give them in-game benefits. Examples include increased aim assist, rapid-fire mods and no-recoil macros (meaning the Zen will essentially aid in controlling your recoil). However, the major selling point of the Cronus Zen is the sheer number of mods that it supports. Mods basically alter the digital working of the controller, and let Fortnite players use aim assist, hair triggers, drop shots, and jump stabilizers. Similar mods are also available for other multiplayer games such as Apex Legends, Warzone, Mortal Kombat, and other games. I agree,I’m a competitive fps player and the Cronus zen actually made me worse at the game. Aim assist doesn’t work and the anti recoil is a pain having to adjust it every time In game. The only good use I have for the zen rn is for the auto greens on nba 2k21

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