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Hoopz is a basketball shooting game with a aimbot.

Okay whoever created this game it is super super fun. For those of you that enjoy playing this game called bouncy hoops, and you guys are enjoying it, don’t forget to max out the star rate of this game. I love the gameplay, graphics, and all of the different balls and different stages that you can unlock. So I hope you guys are having a good time playing this game and have fun out there. Also great job to the people that created this phenomenal game. Alright, see c u next time.

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3D basketball gameplay in the elegant indoor basketball court. The gameplay is designed in two different game modes. Either practice your skills in training mode or play tournament and compete tournament playing teams. The global leaderboard is integrated into the game, you can score at your best level and compete with players from all around the world. This game is not bad. The only promblem I have is that the dunks are like just glitchy and weird. The graphics are horrible. And the gameplay is weird. But just playing the game is fun. Make it like games like 2k and 3on3 and more people would like it Are you ready to be a part of an elegant indoor court basketball game? Get ready to play the best sports game of the year. This game is specially designed for you to get trained and become a sports champion. Play in training mode to get your rough skills polished. Be a part of the tournament and win against your rivals.

  • Responsive game controls to get control of your player in gameplay -Invite friends to play game -Share your score with friends on Facebook -Shout on social media when you manage to beat your opponent team in a match -Quick Match Game Mode sets the match with a random team. -Tournament Game Mode Play tournament, win matches and qualify to the final -Make your place on the global leader board and compete with players from all over the world -Get incentive stars on winning a game -3 Stars will be rewarded if you manage to beat an opponent with more than 3 goals -2 Stars will be rewarded if you beat an opponent with 2 goals -1 Star will be rewarded if you beat an opponent from 1 goal -Realistic sounds and stunning graphics

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–// Aimbot_G.AimbotEnabled=true– Determines whether or not the Aimbot script will lock onto players._G.TeamCheck=false– If set to true then the script would only lock your aim at enemy team members._G.AimPart=”Head”– What body part of the closest enemy the aimbot script would lock at._G.Sensitivity=0– How many seconds it takes for the aimbot script to officially lock onto the target’s aimpart. I download alot of these little app store games just because I have nothing better to do. I dont know what it was about this one that caught my attention considering it’s the same as every other game, but I guess at some point I decided I’d invest the time to unlock every thing I could in that game, which I have done. At this point, I get constant clean shots and my scores are in the thousands but thats besides the point. First major fault: especially my type of demographic that enjoys 100 percenting games like this, you failed because you cannot unlock the last ball. You realize how infuriating that is right? To invest nearly a month and a half going for 47 and get capped at 46. Even then the lucky ball wouldn’t matter to me at that point because there’s nothing more I can spend coins on anyway. So why not just give me the satisfaction of 47/47? I think there also needs to be a random button for the balls and stages and there should be more stage themes for the lava game. There is absoutely no way anybody can unlock balls with the coins you get in the game alone, meaning the only way is to wait 12 hours for free gifts or watch ads. Please fix that, because thats really really stupid. More combos and diffrent skinned hoops would be nice too, but who am I to say- I’m just the consumer. I like the game and had fun, reccomend to anyone that has pretty much no life. Please fix this game- oh: and add more balls! We’d talk about Roblox from time to time and while many often refer to it as an actual game, it certainly isn’t. Roblox for folks unaware is a gaming environment aimed at children aged 9 and above. It works by allowing users visit the site’s official page using their browser and in there, they’d get to select and play tons of user-generated games. This game is great to pass the time. They also have the correct gameplay to ad ratio. Two things I would love to see changes is 1. The basketball forward momentum always stops a second or two after tapping. I feel like the momentum should continue forward. This is especially frustrating when the timer runs out and you have the height to make the next basket to restart the timer, but you don’t make it cause the ball just stops moving forward. 2. A longer time between when the timer runs out and the game ends. Numerous times I’ve had a ball bouncing around on the hoop about to go in when it says game over. Great game though that I will continue to play.

Hoopz is a basketball shooting game with a aimbot that is free to download and play.

You can shoot the hoop in 3 basketball game modes: - Arcade : Balls count rules the game, increasing difficulty. The classic and most popular mode in most of basketball shooting games. - Time Attack : Limited time, fast hoop shooting, nervous basketball - Distance King : Limited lifes(misses), if you like to shoot a ball from a long distance - this is for you! If you’re in love with basketball games and especially like shooting the hoops… Yes. That means this free basketball game is for you. Shooting hoop is quite easy to play and very addictive basketball game mechanic. Thats why this basketball game is suitable for kids and adults. Roblox curated content galore and if the likes of Arsenal doesn’t allure you, then Phantom Forces probably will. The aforementioned games albeit addictive can be very difficult to progress especially if your aiming skills is rudimentary. Now this is where Roblox aimbot script comes in to play. getgenv().settings = { Enabled = true, – // distance you need to be for the aimbot to lock on \ Distance = 200, – // how far up the aimbot will aim, helps to get good shots from long range \ AimbotHowFarUp = 20, – // links for what keybinds are available \ – // https://bit.ly/3NocEoA \ – // https://bit.ly/3wAkKFf \ – // if you want to use a KeyCode change Enum.UserInputType to Enum.KeyCode \ Keybind = Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton3 } loadstring(game:HttpGet(“https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Kitzoon/Roblox-Scripts/main/Hoopz_Aimbot.lua”))() This is a good game that teaches you to shoot. The only thing it does not have is fouls. Where when you fall you get extra shots. I get that you could make every shot but still. There should be fouls. Like maybe if you get knocked down 2 times there is a foul. But still I would recommend it this game if people like basketball. It is really fun, entertaining, and educational. I like it a lot. It’s good to cheat or apply cheats in games that are pretty difficult. While some call it unfair pwning, we think it’s just a game. Now for folks uninformed, Roblox aimbot is a script designed to help players cope with the difficulties of aiming and shooting. Impulse Hub is hands-down one of the most feature-rich Roblox aimbot worth utilizing. It’s free of course and brings plenty of options to fiddle with. From Arsenal to Big PinBall, Prison Life, Tapping Simulator, Murder Mystery 2 and more, the Impulse Hub script support a total of 9 Roblox games and there’s more to come. Options such as silent aim, ESP, infinite jump, fly speed and more abound and there’s also a gun mod that once toggled on gives you infinite ammo. Aimbot aside, Impulse Hub script comes fully loaded with what’s called triggerbot and this will help you auto shoot an enemy once locked on.

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