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  1. Try different strategies – Use the battle chat to: a)- alert when the enemy is approaching b)- agree on which side and when to attack (it might be useful to attack during the gold period while everyone is away) c)- inform about where the enemy is hiding your flag (if both flags are on air).

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2.Greet everyone when entering the battle – This will help you find out: a)- what language the players are using (it will come in handy in communication) b)- ask them how things are going in the team chat by pressing T ( they will definitely mention if there are any problems like mults, cheats, druggers, insults, or that mad shaft that no one can pass) c)- ask if you can be of any help and tell them which weapons you have (someone will probably suggest you a combination).

  1. Choose the battle carefully – Scroll through the battles, looking for a battle with: a)- a good battle fund (make sure the leading players’ scores are not too high because you might not get any reward at the end of the battle) b)- a lot of time remaining until the end of the battle (to give allowance to score significant points) c)- enter the team which has the highest ranked players (they have better weapons and experience)
  2. Demoralize the enemy – This is the part where some of the members of the opposition team will start living. Do not relax! This is the crucial point of the game, stay in their base, kill them as they re-spawn, do not fight for who will capture the next flag because you will waste time and give the enemy time to recover.
  3. By Fighting in a battle until its end. The crystals in the battle fund are distributed according to the number of points each player scores during the battle. You can always see the current battle fund of a battle in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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  1. Crystals can be bought. Just click on Buy at the top of your screen when you are in the game to get more information about it. When buying crystals for the first time, regardless of the amount purchased, you will get a bonus of 1,000 crystals for free!Instruction on how to buy crystals.


Hello So there is a game called Tanki Online, you can either play it using flash player or on HTML5. There have been many cheats on it, and no anti-cheat system you don’t get banned unless your cheat was obvious, there were an aimbot for a specific weapon in the game called smokey but later the cheat developer has removed it. Now there is a cheat called Megacheat but doesn’t include aimbot. I hope someone could help, I’m not really good with cheats but as I heard it’s a lil bit easy to cheat the game. Thank you!

  1. Quickly change your tank weapon and paint to suit the match – Get a paint that protects against the enemy guns meaning that if the opposition team has many a)- ricochets and isidas then get zeus paint b)- freezes and railguns then get the inferno paint c)- shafts and railguns then get jade paint d)- thunders and twins then get the emerald paint. Shaft: The god in sniping. When in a small rank, the M1 upgrade makes your tank unstoppable, especially if you have M1 Titan or Mammoth. Same negative thing: it takes a lot time to reload. Plus, its rotation speed is extremely slow. Especially when a Freeze attacks you, you can’t do anything (unless you have a specific Freeze-protection paint or you are using double armor) and, as a result, you die. 5: Dictator: Dictator is one of his favorite hulls. Its fast and has good armor, making it a formidable hull on the battlefield (unless the player is an absolute noob of course). Dictator can climb on other tanks pretty easily, so if you like gold hunting (gold box hunting), this is the hull for you. 1: Ricochet: Wouldnt recomend using this if you are a beginner. This turret requires a lot of skill. It has good damage, and the bouncing ability is very useful. Overpowered in the hands of a skilled player. Skill level to him: High. Suggested hull category: Medium. (He uses Viking) This page contains Tanki Online cheats, hints, walkthroughs and more for PC. This game has been made by Alternativa Platform and published . Tanki Online was made in “action” genre. Right now we have 26 Cheats and etc for this game and every day we increase our collection with new Tanki Online cheats If you can not find the needed cheat in our list, check this page periodically or subscribe for this game’s updates!
  2. Call more friends to enter the battle – The more the friends in Tanki, the more powerful you are, so call your high ranked friends through Skype, Facebook, PM to come and help you. (They will come if you call them when the battle fund close to gold). The gameplay of “Tanki Online” has some parallels with the famous classic game Battle City (1985). However, unlike Battle City, the basis of the gameplay of “Tanki Online” is a PVP system - player versus player. Players compete with each other, every destroyed tank counts a frag and the player who made the frag receives experience points. The game has several battle modes (including teamplay-based modes), a system of military ranks and a lot of options for tank customization. Instead of choosing a tank from a premade list, players are encouraged to assemble their own battle machine, combining turrets, hulls, protective modules, drones, and decorative paints, according to their preferences. When the player is finished with customizing their tank, they can enter into a battle with other players, where, in addition to experience points, they can earn one of the game currency - crystals. Moving up the career ladder, they open up access to new options and products. The players can strengthen their tank on the battlefield with the help of supply drop boxes: increased damage, increased armor, nitrous and the repair kit. The fifth drop box is the “Nuclear Energy”, which when picked up recharges the Overdrive – a unique hull ability. Players also can purchase the supplies in the garage and use them on the battlefield anytime. There are two currencies in the game: crystals and Tankoins. Crystals are used to purchase equipment (turrets, hulls, protective modules and drones) in the garage, augments for turrets and supplies. Crystals are earned by playing in battles, completing challenges (Battle Pass), opening weekly and regular containers, opening coinboxes, taking Gold Boxes (drop boxes that contain 1000 crystals), exchanging Tankoins, using promocodes, and participating in contests from the game helpers and developers. Players can buy regular containers, coinboxes, crystals, sets, skins, paints, the ability to change their nickname, a clan license, and Gold Boxes for Tankoins. Tankoins are earned by completing challenges, opening weekly containers, opening coinboxes, purchasing them with real money, using promocodes, and participating in contests from the game helpers and developers.

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