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Find and exploit exploitable game mechanics.

Each game has the potential for exploits unique to that game’s rules. For example, in World of Warcraft, wall-walking allowed a player to climb steep mountains that are supposed to be impassable to get into unfinished areas or make one’s character not attackable by mobs or other players. EverQuest had an exploit in player versus player analogous to weight cutting in sports whereby a player would intentionally lose levels by dying in order to compete against lower-level players while wielding higher-level items and skills (game mechanics exploit). In the game City of Heroes people were using teleport powers to place others inside the PvP zones’ watchtowers which, originally designed as props for atmosphere, had no way in or out if he or she could not teleport (the towers have since gained a doorway).

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Taking advantage of the systems that make up the gameplay. A game mechanics exploit is not a bug—it is working as designed, but at the same time is not working as intended. An example is the “wavedash” in Super Smash Bros. Melee, where the momentum gained from using a directional aerial dodge could be retained on landing; with proper timing this allows characters to use a stationary attack while sliding across the ground. Taking advantage of how the game world is built. Typically the goal of these exploits is to reach normally inaccessible areas or take unintended shortcuts in the game world. These are commonly achieved by going through walls, crossing invisible barriers made by the programmers, or scaling ledges not intended to be climbable. In defense of these behaviors are arguments that the rules of the game allow it and that players might not know they are behaving against the designer’s intention. So-called exploits, in this view, are not cheats because they do not change the game in any way and therefore could be accessible to all players if they know how to do it. The players who use such techniques may consider them fair for use in the game in cases when they are not explicitly disallowed in the Terms of Service or other such rules governing participation. The next major class of cheats is exploiting authoritative clients. This is when one player’s modified copy of an online game tells all the other players that a definitive game event has occurred. Examples of the communications would be “player 1 hit player 2 with the death-look spell for 200 points of damage,” “player 2 has 10,000 hit points,” and so on. The other players’ games accept these as fact without challenging them and update their copy of the game simulation accordingly.

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In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game’s designers; however, the precise determination of what is or is not considered an exploit can be controversial. This debate stems from a number of factors but typically involves the argument that the issues are part of the game and require no changes or external programs to take advantage of them. The first-person-shooter cheats of modified maps and models arguably fall under this classification, as they let cheating players see things that they normally wouldn’t be able to (in the case of modified maps), or see them more easily (in the case of a modified player model that glows in the dark). Any game whose game play relies on some information being hidden from a player has a lot to lose to these types of cheats. My last category of cheats is something of a catchall for exploitable problems a game may have on particular hardware or operating conditions. A good example is the “construction-cancelled” bug that was found amazingly in both Age of Empires and Starcraft at about the same time. The element needed to make it work was extreme lag in network communications, to the point of a momentary disconnection. When this happened, the game engines stopped advancing to the next game turn while they waited for communications to resume. During this time, the user interface still functioned, so the player didn’t think the game had locked up. While the game was in this state, a player could issue a command to cancel construction of a building, returning its resources to the player’s inventory - only the player would issue the command over and over as many times as possible. Normally, a player could only issue one Cancel command per turn, but because the game simulation was in a holding state, multiple command requests went into the queue. Because of some necessities of RTS engine design, when an object is destroyed during a turn by something such as a Cancel command, the destruction is postponed until after all the commands for that turn have been processed. The result was the command executed multiple times during one game update. Last year I became hooked on a certainfirst-person shooter (FPS) game. After a couple months of addictive online gaming, I became convinced that some players were cheating and things suddenly changed that day. I was ready to walk away from the game in disgust and tell everyone else to do the same. Instead, I decided it was time to learn what I could about the alleged cheaters, their motivations, and most importantly their methods. In my case, I discovered at least three distinctly different methods of cheating that could explain what I experienced – though as just a player I could not prove conclusively which methods, if any, were being used against me.

Create, customize and distribute aimbots.

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