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Zobo aimbot is a cheating software that allows users to gain an unfair advantage in online games.

I love Zooba but instead of updating the game you guys should be fixing the glitching that the players are doing in the game. Every time I play a game it will sometimes start at red then go to orange and then finally to green, then right back to red and I’m not the only one that complains about it my crew mates say they have the same problem too. They matchmaking is trash too, y’all say y’all fixing it from like 3 -4 updates ago and it’s stills the same. My highest level in the game is 14 right now but I go up against people that’s 16-17 that are at grandmaster 3-5 and I’m only at grandmaster 1 with my characters. Then on top of that if I’m playing with someone with a high level why can’t I get other people on my time with high levels too, my opponents get a good team but I get matched with a low level that runs off because the levels are too high for them to go against I don’t think it’s fair at all. If the teams are battling with high levels and I’m playing with one other person I should be able to get 3 other players with high levels it’s not fair how the gameplay is. I work hard to be were I’m at in the game just like my clan mates did too and I don’t think it’s fair that we get cheated out of a game because Zooba is not fixing the right bugs and glitches in the game. I think for the next update you guys should focus on the matchmaking and the glitching because this is outrageous.

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  • Choose from over 20 fun characters, from Nix the crafty fox to Pepper the doubtful giraffe, with more being added to the game all the time! - Battle against 45 other players across multiple game modes
  • Upgrade your character and items
  • Climb through the ranks to earn amazing free prizes
  • Zoo VIP filled with rewards
  • And much more! Has been my favorite game for many years now, but I don’t like the changes in the items where you only get them for your character and can’t use all the items you have collected thru time to customize your character like you use to could. Also the price jump, everything use to be $10-$15 and now the price jump is crazy, people could actually use money on this game but now it’s to expensive, but the game over all I have always loved it, it use to be the family game that me and my whole family played together now that it’s changed a lot of people has stopped playing! I believe they should put this game back to where your items can be used for any character like it use to, and the price should go down a lot for characters and the chances of you getting characters, for loyal players they should win a character every so often, and not have to spend a ton of money to get what they want! Also take the cheaters out of the game! So many cheaters able to boost their stuff up and have anything and everything! This game use to be 5 stars but now imma give it like a 4.2 ALSO FIX YALLS INTERNET PROBLEMS!!!!!! It’s always had some type of internet lag, and that hasn’t changed with any update ever!!!! I love this game, like, so much! There aren’t even just one add in the game! I also LOVE games that have the same rules as this one! Including the part about no adds unless you want to watch them. It’s the best game I know! I also love all of the updates on the experience and maps! New characters keep coming out like, every month! Keep up the good work! Except, one thing… As the 3.0 update came out, everything changed. It is harder to level up the characters and the level to get new item slots has increased! Most of my characters lost an item slot. I also thought about the part when the characters get their own items to use. I DO appreciate the part when everyone gets a new character, but after Yara came out, my other accounts couldn’t receive a new character. I also want to play all of the characters, including Yara, so maybe make another update and let everyone try characters for a free trial? It’s not my choice, but if you want more people to play and to rate 5 star, I’m guessing you should do what I suggested. Also, I’m seeing players with names that include bad words so do me a favor and disable some of those words, please? Lastly, the match-ups are pretty bad. One time, I was a level 8 and got put up on a level 15! Maybe try to make everyone put up against their own levels. (Unless you have party members who are different levels than you.) This game is clearly designed to get you to spend money, which is 100% okay, & I would love to do so. If it were worth it. This game is so unbelievably expensive, it’s almost scaring me away. I spent $75 on it not too long ago, and was only able to upgrade 2 characters to level 12… just a side note, if I were to pay to upgrade all of my characters right now, I could easily get a new ps5 w/ the same amount of money. Ridiculous. another problem with this game (I understand the whole pairing with trophies thing and what not) is as an example; being a level 10 Bruce and as soon as the match starts, you’re to be against a level 16 Jade. Absolutely absurd and blatantly unfair. Aside from those two problems, it truly is (one of) the greatest games on my phone. If you’re going to download, better have your wallet ready cause WOOWEE 🥵 unless you want to stay around level 9 and only have 4-5 characters for a year or so then power to ya. I do hope the content creators read this, I’m sure 95% or more of your players like myself are middle class & would have no problem spending $5-20 occasionally on this game if it were actually worth while cough cough (increase the amount of gems & coins we can get from the store significantly for the same price & you’ll see you’re profits go through the roof) cough cough hope this helps - yours truly, a concerned player

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Bug Fixes Player is redirected to the Character Mastery Road when returning to the main menu. After some matches, players don’t receive their points on the backend which causes errors to claim milestones. Some IPad devices were experiencing an issue with the buttons being too small. I love this game. I have been playing it nonstop since I downloaded it a couple weeks ago. Yet, something feels off about it. For example in duos you and your teammate do not get a placement together. If you die #7 and your duo goes on to win the game you will only get the trophies for a 7th place finish and not a first place finish. This format results in less team work and no incentive for a teammate to revive of downed player. It’s every man for themself. This game started out great, the crates gave you an amount of coins that was viable in character progression and the matchmaking was ok, since they announced the great “changes” that were coming it has suffered a lot. They took away the coin amounts from crates to “level” the unfair advantage but it only hurts lower level players and then raised the amount of coins needed to upgrade characters in the new character progression. The trophy loss and matchmaking was supposed to be fixed and have seen nothing of the sort. I unfortunately have put a few $100 into this game and it was absolutely not worth it at all, save your money! If I wasn’t so invested in this game I would have deleted it by now, it’s more frustrating than enjoyable which is a shame because when I first got it I enjoyed the game ALOT! Since the big update last year it has gone downhill quickly and new character introduction do not make up for what appears to nothing more than a money machine for the developers and their friends. If you are not already heavily invested I would encourage you to wait and see if they actually fix the issues with this game. Add on to all of that they now have in game ads! That is a new addition that is quite frustrating because they were NEVER there until a few weeks ago so apparently now I am supposed to pay for the premium pass to be ad free…disappointing! Finally, I want to address the level system. For some reason when you are going up against a higher level player it says they have like 7 bars of health compared to it showing me I have 2. For example my Finn (shark character) was level 5.. when I saw a Finn level 6 in a game it showed he had 2 and a half bars of health. I had 2 bars. However now that my Finn is level 6 it still shows that I have 2 bars of health, so I am very confused how much health everyone actually has. If you are a higher level does it show you have more health to a level lower than you than it does higher than you? (Finn level 6 has 2 bars but Finn level 5 sees it as 2 1/2 but a level 7 character sees it as 2 bars)

Zobo aimbot is a computer software that allows users to gain an unfair advantage in online games.

Zooba is a awesome game and you can not get cheated, twist on traditional battle royale. Get the best from MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and Battle Royale in a battle to be the champion of the zoo! Shoot down your enemies and defeat them!== FEATURES: Zooba gives players the chance to survive against other animals in the zoo. All are equipped with weapons and are a concern for the rest. The line between life and death is extremely fragile. Download Zooba mod players to fight and become an immortal warrior in the zoo. Zooba is a great game and I can see why people say it’s pay to win since characters are easily obtained by spending money but within 2 months or less I’ve been able to get 9/10 characters (there’s more than 10 of course) without spending money at all you just have to grind harder that way and spend your tickets on chests that have the chance to get a character!! The main thing that bothers me with the game is the matchmaking I’ve had a lvl 2 character facing lvl 12 at times and there’s no winning that way at all!! Also the game only has one map and it seems to have been around for a decent amount of time with players that actually pay for the game! maps should be easy enough to create and I’ve heard from multiple players myself that they wish there was at least another map to play on and I agree 1000% I’d rather have a new map than very slight chances to an existing one!! The game is one of the most expensive ones I’ve seen charging around 9.99 a week when games like clash Royale only charges 5 a month! That being said a new map or arena should be made to advance the game and get a better following for the price that is charged and even if it were to be completely free it deserves a new one…just my input though from a gamer that’s played games for over 20 years How fate will be decided by your own actions in this war. Shooting, moving, hiding in the bushes will make the enemy unable to see. In this battle, all others are your opponent. Don’t expect anyone, they can turn around and make sure you don’t get in time. Not only random participation with other players, but Zooba also allows you and your friends to play together. Leave good memories with your friends but also do not forget to show them the ability of an assassin. The projectile’s flight is limited in a certain range. You do not suffer or lose health when standing away from enemies. Although it is a survival shooter game, Zooba still creates a feeling like a screen playing against talent. Zooba seeks people who deserve to be the leader of the zoo. Based on the survival gameplay responded to by a large number of players, but here is the war of animals. Their cuteness is still there and their ability to fight is added. Choose a character you like, set foot in the forest with weapons in hand. Zooba allows players to fight and eliminate all surrounding enemies. In this game, you will only win as the last survivor. Cultivating your abilities is always a key factor in survival. You cannot rely on anyone, otherwise, you will be difficult to live against your competitors. They are really marksmen who cannot be underestimated. Additionally, the box format is very skewed. I haven’t gotten a new player in 2 weeks thanks to only getting toolboxes. When I win I want a crate for a chance at a new character. I haven’t gotten a crate in ages despite filling empty box spots right away. The main thing that made me stay in interest in zooba was getting tickets and coins in events because they were helpful, now zooba has removed them and decide to add legit soda cans in the game for events,you can’t get anymore tickets in the game and now you have to pay money out of your pocket for events. The only way i can get coins in this game now is from random crates I get from playing the game or losing 24/7 because the matchmaking is terrible. They only give you 5 and I was only able to win one reward such as 1k coins and silver crate, this game is only just getting worse. And they said that later they will a fix the game to where match making is better and get rid of trophy drop,but adding this terrible update isn’t making it any better. I even hate how they made upgrades on characters more expensive,next thing you know they might make crates only cost gems and we can’t no longer get any coins anymore. I payed over 300$ on my zooba account and so far it did not help at all. I bought a offer that gave me 20k gems and now I have 30 because everything is so expensive. And the original amount of gems you can pay for 100$ is 5600. You are waisting your life time playing this game,and don’t pay for it because it will not help you. Even other greedy developers like budge studios or swift apps isn’t even this money hungry. I beg you to just delete this game, don’t buy because you will waste your money on something you won’t be able to beat. Connect with people who are passionate about shooting and who love animals. Play as the animal you want, go into the zoo to get a life. The right to live is only one person to receive it and to own all the rewards. If you die then nothing, so try to fight and not let the enemy discover your weaknesses. Zooba has a large, colorful map system when combined with many different trees.

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